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The Humane Society of the United States – Resources

For Veterans

VA Caregiver Support

Aid and Attendance or Housebound Benefits

Feed The Dog, Inc (Assistance for US Veterans)

United States Department of Veterans Affairs - for Veterans who have service dogs, Title 38 Section 1714 enables veterans to ask their caseworkers to file VA Form 10-2641 in order to receive financial assistance for veterinary care of service animals.

Link to Dept. of Veterans Affairs FAQ page on service dogs:

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    Funding for our training is dependant on your tax deductible donations. Without your donations, we can't help our teams get back to a more normal, independant life. Please consider helping teams like these with your tax deductible donation today.

Jason and Jeon

Please help sponsor Jasom amd Jeon! "I am an Air Force Vet who has been diagnosed with what psychologists refer to as severe PTSD. For over 10 years I have been battling this silent disability.

A good portion of my life has been led in the public eye through entertainment, community outreach and service as well as public speaking and teaching. In the past decade I have slowly isolated myself to the point of losing a majority of my friends and family as well as confined myself to frequenting only three places other than my home (workplace, grocery store, one local restaurant). I desire, but lack, the ability to engage in social activities or create new friendships. Taking my son to amusement parks or other populated areas increases my anxiety and hyper vigilence, making it difficult to take him to or even enjoy these basic, fundamental family activities.

As I have led a life free of drugs and alcohol, I do not take any meds for PTSD which makes it very difficult for me to deal with the daily weight and pain of the disability. Psychologists strongly recommend that a service dog may be one of the only chances I have at successfully managing PTSD.

I met and fell in love a boxer rescue named Jeon who I adopted from Lone Star Boxer Rescue to become my service dog.

PTSD has stolen vital years of my life from me and my family and even caused extreme losses. In a short time, Jeon has shown to already offer some ease to my pain. If given the ability to train him to become my service dog, he may be able to help me actually "live" my future and increase my chances at happiness."

Charles and Bella

Please help sponsor Charles and Bella! Charles is a 100%, service-connected, disabled Navy veteran and contacted us from the National Institute of Health Hospital in Bethesda, MD.

"The specialists at the VA, which were great, diagnosed me with common variable immune disorder (cvid). Which at the time was explained as a umbrella disease that causes Even's Disease, colitis and various other conditions I suffered from. My body's immune attack has caused lesions and swelling in my brain affecting my balance, vision, and memory. The meds I take have caused bone loss and softening and extreme weight gain. All this has made every day life difficult any kind of fall and I could brake a bone and bleed to death. I suffer from extreme weakness. There are many days where I don't get out of bed due to being tired having headaches and just feeling bad. I have suffered from anxiety for sometime now but the lesions seem to have doubled it. Loud noises, my kids, lots of people I find it hard to control my response.

Prior to NIH i had started to isolate my self from everyone. My doctor and family were very concerned they all agreed that a Service Dog would benefit me mentally and physically. This was seconded while I was at NIH so I started the research and connected with Paul at A Cause to Give Us Paws."

Marshall and Rowdy

Please help sponsor Marshall and Rowdy! "I was injured while serving in the Army. I missed a few years of my family's life. My children, my wife, even some important family losses. Rowdy is helping me to realize how important the small things are. He helps me physically and mentally daily and makes me realize I missed my life too. He is not a just a companion. He is a member of our family."

Tonya and Hope

Please help sponsor Tonya and Hope! Tonya served active duty in the Air Force for 6 years, was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and achieved the rank of Captain before her military career was cut short. She was forced to medically retire from the military in 2010 because she developed Multiple Sclerosis. Just two years ago, the doctors said that she would never walk again. They obviously didn't know who they were dealing with because Tonya can now walk with the aid of a cane, some advanced medical equipment and her Service Dog in Training, Hope.

Donna and Maggie

Please help sponsor Donna and Maggie! "Hello, my name is Donna and this is Maggie. I am 59 years old, disabled and unable to work due to physical limitations, chronic pain and PTSD. I worked over 20 plus jobs in 19 years as a licensed RN.

Sexually molested at age 5 and rape in 2000, I have known PTSD for 54 years. Those years were wasted, living in a dark prison of paralyzing fear, panic, anxiety, and depression. I only leave the house when necessary, Dr appts, pick up medication or food. I even shy away from my children and grandchildren that I dearly love. 

Maggie is 8 months old. She is smart and loving. She will assist in helping to steady me when I stand and pick up small items when dropped. She will be my constant companion and my safety buffer between myself and all the 'scary things'.

Now that Maggie will be trained as my Service Dog, I will have a good chance of living outside this suffocating prison, and learn to smile and to live life without fear!"

Justin and Sarge

Please help sponsor Justin and Sarge! "Hi my name is Justin. I am a disabled vet that is 100% disabled. I suffer from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) &TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury.) I was in a coma for a month and a half and I had a severe frontal lobe injury.

After waiting for 5 yrs I finally got a service dog. Unfortunately, weeks later my dog died due to unknown causes.

Instead of waiting years again I rescued a dog from the Lufkin animal shelter and hired my own private service dog trainer. Unfortunately, after borrowing and liquidating some assets my trainer moved and took the $ 3000 I paid him. I now have a dog that has only had a little training and just isn't trained enough to be a service dog.

I really want to hurry and have my friend trained. I have been waiting for so long."

Agnes and Kate

Please help sponsor Agnes and Kate! "I served in Active Army from September 2004 – February 2008 as a supply sergeant stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. Between 2005-2006, I was deployed to Iraq conducting conveys mission and security guard. Subsequently, I enlisted another 4 years in Air Force Reserved stationed at Fort Worth, TX as logistic personnel and earned my 7-level certification.

I believe service dog would greatly benefit me to gain my confident and independence. Ever since my deployment, I feel vulnerable being alone and in a large crowd. I am certain medications is not the long term solution for me and I have personally witness many veterans have improve their lives through their service dogs. With their unconditional love and training, I could see myself overcome the challenges I face."

Any donations are appreciated! Free dog kisses with any contribution.