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The Humane Society of the United States – Resources

For Veterans

VA Caregiver Support

Aid and Attendance or Housebound Benefits

Feed The Dog, Inc (Assistance for US Veterans)

United States Department of Veterans Affairs - for Veterans who have service dogs, Title 38 Section 1714 enables veterans to ask their caseworkers to file VA Form 10-2641 in order to receive financial assistance for veterinary care of service animals.

Link to Dept. of Veterans Affairs FAQ page on service dogs:

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    Funding for our training is dependant on your tax deductible donations. Without your donations, we can't help our teams get back to a more normal, independant life. Please consider helping teams like these with your tax deductible donation today.

Cory and Lexi

Please help sponsor Cory and Lexi! My name is Cory and I served in the Army for 10 years where I achieved the rank of E-6.  I was twice deployed to Afghanistan and I earned many commendations while serving, including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Meritorious Service Medal.  It became quite clear to me that having a Service Dog would be an extraordinary asset to my family after I finally realized that limited mobility and combat injuries were permanent disabilities that would likely degrade over time. That realization was difficult when you spent a decade of your life jumping out of high performance aircraft and utilizing high explosives to deny the enemy freedom of maneuver on an ever-changing battlefield. Pride has a tendency to get in the way and last year I finally took the advice of my doctor and began looking for organizations in the Houston area that could help me train a service dog.

My wife and I found "Give Us Paws" and decided to apply for their free Veteran Service Dog training program. Other options just were not affordable and while there are great charities out there that do amazing work, the waiting list is months or in some cases… years long. With Give Us Paws, the waiting was minimal and I was very encouraged by their methods and expertise. We had just adopted a Dutch Shepherd rescue from a local charity and I wanted to know if she had the potential to be a service dog candidate. After submitting the required paperwork through Give Us Paws, we were scheduled for a baseline assessment with Paul Buescher. As a rescue dog with a troubled past and a new shot at life; Lexi did very well with her initial evaluation and our application was moved forward for funding and trainer assignment.

Tina and Cookie

Please help sponsor Tina and Cookie! My name is Tina and this is my best friend, Cookie. I served on active duty from 2007 - 2013 as an Air Force medic. While on active duty, I spent my career helping others and the most rewarding part, saving lives. While on my second tour in Afghanistan I've experienced events that I've struggled to let go of. I've always excelled in my career and envisioned my life to be filled with success and happiness. I have a husband and three beautiful kids, I worked hard and did well at everything I put my mind to. I separated from active duty in 2013 and I've felt like my life has been tumbling down ever since. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pains, and PTSD seem to completely consume my life. I've found it extremely difficult to maintain relationships with friends and family and more importantly, I've struggled with my relationship with my husband. I have service connected disabilities that have made it difficult to think clearly, to remember simple tasks, to maintain relationships and jobs. These past few years have made me feel lonely and lost. I'm not the same person I was prior to joining the military. I find myself saying "I used to" a lot. I USED TO have friends. I USED TO go hiking. I USED TO rock climb, go camping, play sports. I USED TO be happy. I USED to have a purpose. Something I think many veterans struggle with after leaving the military is getting back what USED TO be and finding their new purpose.

Last year, I rescued Cookie with the fear of her being euthanized if I didn't take her in. I thought I was saving Cookie but I realized that she started to save me. She has helped me in ways that I can't even explain. All the hours of therapy and countless medications; it was Cookie that really made a difference. She is helping me one day at a time to find my purpose, she is there for me when I have no one else, she has made these past months bearable. After experiencing the darkest time in my life, I felt it was even more important to have Cookie with me. I found the Give Us Paws organization and after learning more about the ways they can train Cookie to help me, it has given me HOPE. Hope, that I can finally reclaim my life so I can stand tall again.

Tonya and Hope

Please help sponsor Tonya and Hope! Tonya served active duty in the Air Force for 6 years, was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and achieved the rank of Captain before her military career was cut short. She was forced to medically retire from the military in 2010 because she developed Multiple Sclerosis. Just two years ago, the doctors said that she would never walk again. They obviously didn't know who they were dealing with because Tonya can now walk with the aid of a cane, some advanced medical equipment and her Service Dog in Training, Hope.

Any donations are appreciated! Free dog kisses with any contribution.